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We know that one of the big benefits of SafeTrx Active is that you no longer have to take your phone with you in a cumbersome carry case. It does mean though that you can be cut off from useful information, such as the current wind and wave conditions or the medium term weather forecast.

For this reason, we've added the ability for you to request a selection of information notifications be sent whenever you start an activity. Because of the display size, we've limited the notifications to only the most critical information and you have the choice to set what information you do want to receive.

For now the information will only be sent to you at the start of an activity, once we have your location, however we'll soon be adding the ability for you to send requests for the information at any time.

We'll be adding new options for information over the coming months and if there is something you'd like to see added, let us know, but for now you can receive updates on the following

- Wind
- Waves
- Weather (3 hr forecast)
- Weather Alerts

Follow the steps below to set up your communication preferences and understand what information will be sent to you.