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Setting Up Reminders

Reminders are a handy way for you to make sure you remember a regular appointment, training schedule or to take medication.

You can create a schedule of up to 4 reminders on your SafeTrx Active Web App, each allowing for multiple day and multiple time alerts.

In order to set up your reminders, navigate to 'Settings > Device' on your Web App and then scroll down to the 'Add Reminders' button. When you click that button, you'll be given an option to add a message that you will be sent and an option to select the days of the week that you want it to be sent on, with all days selected by default. You can then add up to 3 times of day that you want the message to be sent to your SafeTrx Active watch.

You can add up to 4 reminder schedules and can edit or remove them at any time.